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Comfortor EntranceIt is estimated that about 200 million people throughout the world suffers from foot pain due to foot deformities & Diabetes. Comfortor has grown from a local provider of orthotics devices to an international industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of a multitude of effective foot care products.


Comfort, flexibility, biomechanical, and thriving innovation lead the way—shaping how COMFORTOR Footwear is still created today. Quality and craftsmanship make Comfortor Footwear famous and create loyal fans who prize their comfort and value.

Comfortor hereby was branded after orthopedic practitioner’s felt the effectiveness and solution providing to their patient. In years through Comfort combined with Orthopedics features and usage was then…..Comfortor born

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In time, Comfortor has passionately pursued the creation of products and resources to help millions of people around the world find their paths to a well –being future. Comfortor was founded through commitment in providing quality biomechanical footwear that features only premium biomechanical features and benefits.

Every day scientific advances are being made to help you live better longer. Through the (CPAB) Comfortor Professional Advisory Board — innovators in the fields of biomechanical science, tanning, material specialist — we develop products that benefit from some of the most advanced ingredient technologies available today.

Comfortor is the undisputed leader and specialized in healthful & biomechanical comfort footwear’s & Foot care products for the sophisticated consumer. We set the standard by which luxury comfort footwear is measured.Our aim is to produce the healthiest and high quality footwear products. Comfortor footwear provides extraordinary orthopedic support and exhilarating comfort while promoting good health and well-being.

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