Degenerative Joint Disease Seem to Increasingly Occur More Frequently in Young Adults

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Degenerative Joint Disease Seem to Increasingly Occur More Frequently in Young Adults

Observation of doctors specialized in body, bones and joints at some hospitals in HCMC showed that young patients suffering from arthritis is increasing.

Degenerative arthritis caused by many factors including the aging of the body, the location, profession, and endocrine related.

Degenerative Joint Disease Seem to Increasingly Occur More Frequently in Young Adults

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Le Anh Thu, internal medicine musculoskeletal Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, in the process of examination and treatment, she found that the proportion of young people seeking medical attention due to osteoarthritis has increased. Master, Dr. Tang Ha Nam Anh, Head of Orthopaedics Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, also said that statistics in his clinic shows that the proportion of children suffering from osteoarthritis has increased by about 20% compared with the previous year and mostly are office workers and people who are involved in too much physical activity.

Osteoarthritis is a disease caused by cartilage regeneration process which does not “catch up” with the joint cartilage loss over time. In the long term, joint cartilage layer coated on the surface gradually causes the bones to thin and damage causing pain, limited movement and the patient can even be handicapped. Typically the disease usually occurs in middle-aged people (45-50 years old) and it is common among the elderly due to the natural aging process. However, many people today end up with osteoarthritis when they are only 35 or even younger.

Explaining the situation on rejuvenating joints and degenerative joint disease, Associate Professor Le Anh Thu said: “The habit of physical inactivity is one of the causes of osteoarthritis rejuvenation. In modern life, machinery and various means of support to young people causes them to be increasingly sedentary. This causes many of the body parts to be vulnerable, not only degenerative osteoarthritis.”

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South UK doctors said many people thought the all-day office sitting freezers the knee and refused much gravity so it will not degenerate. He said: “Actually, when the pillows are sedentary it will not increase the elasticity of the cartilage; joint fluid does not flow out to be. The cartilage will not provide enough nutrition and end up more vulnerable.”

Degenerative joint condition as more likely to occur when young people do not pay attention to nutrition. Many people who prefer thin body should abstain from eating properly as it causes insufficient nutrients to nourish the body and joints. In contrast, many obese people due to popular fast food joints leads to degenerative easy due to burdened with too much weight.

Signs of osteoarthritis are joint pain commonly repeated and joint mobility crunching sound. The pain from degenerative is caused by arthritis. If you experience these symptoms, the patient should see a doctor in order to have early treatment, and should not arbitrarily use painkillers.

(Young people today are also very susceptible to osteoarthritis)

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“Other than the elderly, patients with osteoarthritis even the younger people still have a chance to recover, because osteoarthritis does not hurt much. If physical activity is done slightly and gradually raise the level, combining balance diet, providing nutrients for the cartilage components and avoiding harmful habits to match, such as knee squatting, climbing stairs, and lifting heavy weights, then illness can be reduced and joints can recover” said Dr. Nam Anh said. The doctor also said that the top developer of human osteoarthritis usually age 25 through age 25-30 so people should care and try to prevent the disease.

Also walking shoes or sandals are important because Comfortor can help young people reduce foot pressure while doing walking activities. The special design of the shoe improves biomechanical foot arch and reduce the pressure. The orthopedics are designed as a spacer to maintain the function of the foot which certainly will help both systems and the active osteoarthritis requires dynamically softer and increased support footwear.

Osteoarthritis usually has lesions in cartilage and intervertebral disc which is the most common issue in the knee and spine. In acute attacks of the disease, you can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics alone, but these drugs have side effects on the gastrointestinal tract, such as stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding. Some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug in the long term such as indometacin have adverse effects on the articular cartilage, and can exacerbate the process of osteoarthritis (THK). The last measure is to assume joint replacement surgery which is very expensive. To overcome this drawback, at present, measures using lubricant (such as hyaluronic acid or its derivatives) was injected into the synovial applications but to ensure sterility oral hyaluronic acid in the stomach will be destroyed.

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